Featured Fixer: JD’s Shoe Repair

It might surprise you to learn that the cobbling business is growing.

In the past four years the number of shoe repair shops has increased 25
percent, to over 12,000. Part of the reason for the rise, is that prices of new shoes have jumped 83 percent in three years.

In addition to saving money, consumers are increasingly trying to be environmental conscious by repairing rather than replacing their footwear.

These emerging trends helped convince Julie Derrick, cobbler and burgeoning shoemaker, to open JD’s Shoe Repair. She entered the trade in 2006, gaining her skills on the job, under the instruction of local, skilled cobblers.

Her new store couldn’t have come at a better time, as many of our community’s older generation of cobblers have bee retiring.

Fortunately, it looks like JD’s Shoe Repair will be around for a long time. A recent Portland Monthly profile happily reported that business is booming; in fact, her new store on 728 N Alberta St. is triple the size of her place — to accommodate a growing load: some 600 pairs per month!