Patagonia Keep Portland Worn Event

2016-04-13 11:00 - 2016-04-13 18:00
907 NW Irving St, Portland, OR, United States 907 NW Irving St, Portland, OR, United States

In 2012, we setup an experimental trade-in program and resale shop for used Patagonia products in our Portland store. We accept qualified items—meaning clothing and gear in good working condition with plenty of life left in it—and give people a Patagonia gift card for half of what we will sell the item for. We professionally clean these items and then sell them in a specific Worn Wear section within the Portland store. This experiment includes selling used products that already come in through the Ironclad Guarantee returns. Nearly three years into the pilot we continue to see sales and trade-in numbers increase and receive positive feedback from store staff and community.

We are currently accepting items that fall under the following general product categories:

  • Sportswear Fleece
  • Sportswear Outwear
  • Alpine Insulation
  • Alpine Fleece
  • Alpine H2NO® Shells
  • Alpine GORE-TEX® Shells
  • Alpine Softshells
  • Alpine Bottoms

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