About Us

Screenshot 2014-10-08 10.31.10Repair PDX formed in March 2013 to bring repair events to Portland residents. Inspired by the Netherlands Repair Cafes, our group of dedicated volunteers held Portland’s first Repair Cafe in May, 2013. Since that time, we’ve been holding repair events about once a month.


 What Are Repair Cafés?

Repair Cafés are community events where volunteers fix people’s broken household items for free. If you can carry it in, we will do our best to fix it! You can often get a bite to eat and a drink while meeting others from your community who are also interested in repair. We ask that folks stay with their item while it’s being fixed, which is part of what creates such a wonderful, community feeling at our events. Experts are on hand to repair all sorts of items and even to teach you how to fix them yourself if you’d like.

The first repair café was started in 2009 by Dutch journalist Martine Postma.  Since then, she and others in the Netherlands have assisted groups around the world in hosting their own Repair Cafés. To learn how to start your own, check out the Repair Café Foundation.