Parkrose High School FIF, November 23rd, 10-1:30pm

Bring your broken bikes to be repaired, small appliances to be fixed and sewing to be mended. We are also hosting a darning workshop at 11am and again at 12:30pm. Bring your own projects and supplies. Supplies and materials will also be on hand for those folks … [Read More...]


North Portland Tool Library, October 29th, 6-8pm

Join us the evening of Tuesday, October 29th at the SE Portland Tool Library at 2209 N Schofield St. in the Kenton Neighborhood. Our volunteers will be fixing small appliances, bikes and mending garments. Jewelry repair and sharpening will also be offered! … [Read More...]


Rosewood Initiative, August 15, 6-8pm

Join us as we partner once again with Rosewood Initiative to fix your broken small appliances and bikes, and mend your clothing and other textiles. Our volunteer sewists and fixers will be on hand from 6-8 pm, Thursday, August 15th. Rosewood Initiative is … [Read More...]